Using Facebook For Blog Traffic

Blogging is something that I enjoy a lot. Many people are using it to make full time incomes, and some people have even achieved national press and TV shows because of their blogs. If you want to promote something or want to build a following online, a blog is a great way to do so.
There are many ways to get traffic to your blog, but I will get to that in a moment. The first thing you need to know is whether or not you have a plan of how to convert that traffic into sales. So how will your blog be set up? Will you put Google AdSense ads on your site along with affiliate program products, or will you be selling your own products?
If you sell your own products, you earn 100% profits from it (if you created it of course or are selling ebooks). If you're going to create your own products, make sure you have a selling system in place so that you can convert a ton of leads and prospects into recurring customers.
You have 2 primary blog hosting services: Blogger and WordPress. I personally like Blogger better, but a lot of people online love WordPress. WordPress offers unique features, and there are things called "plug-ins" that can really "jazz up" your blog and make it reputable.
So now that I have gone over why you should be blogging and how to get set up, let's take a look at how you can get traffic to your blog. This is something that is incredibly easy to do, and driving traffic is something that you should learn how to become a master of. Here's how you can get more traffic to your blog:
- Use Facebook
Facebook as of this writing is the number 1 website on the internet in terms of website traffic. Number 1 used to be Google. I'm not sure how long Facebook will hold on to its title, but if you're not using it in your business today, you're missing out on a boatload of traffic.
People use Facebook all the time to promote their business - and you can also. For some reason, I get a lot of "friend requests" to my personal Facebook page from internet marketers. I'm fine with that... I still collaborate with them in the same way I do with my Facebook fan page.
Invite more and more people to "like you" and join you on your Facebook page. You can upload videos, content, images, and other things also that will help people to gain an understanding of you, and grow closer to you as a business owner - and friend. Facebook has other benefits too.
With Facebook on your team, promoting your blog should be as simple as pie. It's quite easy to market on Facebook, and it's something that you should be doing right now in your internet business if you want to see the sales and profits that you so desperately desire. Take it from me, a well done Facebook page can do wonders for your business.
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