Writing Effective Blog Articles

This article has the title of 'Home Business Income, Writing Effective Blog Articles' because Blog posting is one of the most important things to learn in order to attract visitors to your site via the search engines. Your blog needs to contain fresh and interesting content for it to rank highly and also to keep visitors on your site and not leave after the first sentence.
Firstly you need to decide which niche market you are aiming for then think of two or three high traffic phrases that best describe your home page. The nest step is most important, go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to type one of those phrases in the search box. In the column down the left side tick the 'exact' box and untick the 'broad' search box, this will give you more accurate results. You will now be taken to a results page showing you dozens if not hundreds of useful phrases related to your search term. Click on save and choose the.csv option from a drop down menu which will save all these phrases to your PC hard drive for access anytime you like.
Some of these phrases may consist of four or five words known as long tail keywords. Pick a phrase with a global monthly search of say 300 or less with low or medium competition, it is better to rank highly for a phrase with a monthly search of even 100 than to try for a very high number search term with lots of competition which will probably result in no visits to your site so zero traffic. When you have decided which keyword phrase to use from your results you are now ready to write your article.
If you are new to Internet Marketing for Home Business Income, writing effective blog articles means following some basic rules each time. The article should contain around 400 words, make sure that every article uses a different keyword phrase, this is very important for maximising your Internet presence. Place your keyword phrase in the title of your article and two or three times in the main body, maybe once in the first sentence, once at the end and somewhere around the middle. Make one of the references stand out in bold, underlined or in italics etc. It is a good idea to write your article in Word first so you can easily spell and grammar check it until you are happy then paste the article into something like Notepad and then copy and paste the whole article into your website, there will less problems with html this way. If you have a WordPress blog the next step is made a lot easier. Go to your admin page and select Posts > Add New and choose the HTML tab if is not already selected, then paste in your article.
At this stage you can chose the VISUAL tab option and ad a link or two to another site, a blog post somewhere else or even to another post or page on your own site. You can link to an affiliate opportunity that you are promoting as long as it is in the same niche. Make sure the link opens in a new window but don't send your visitors off to a site that has nothing to do with your niche, this will not go down well. You also need to give your article a category and a Tag which can be one of your primary keywords from the beginning. If you have the 'All In One SEO' plug in installed then this will display as another section at the bottom of the page where you add the Title again including your keyword, paste the first two sentences from your post in the description box and enter your keyword/s in the space provided at the bottom.
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