Write An Article In 7 Minutes

If you want to learn how to crank up articles pretty fast and easy then continue reading. I have learned this method from a fellow internet marketer named Cory Friedman.
This article writing formula is designed to help you overcome writer's block. Such style of writing isn't perfect but it will make you take action and get the job done. Write at your own pace. Knowing how to structure your article is what helps and matters the most.
The idea is to stop procrastinating and take action. This method has been proven to work very well for those who have used it. Some will complain, others will take action.
To be honest, most of you won't be able to write an article so quickly from the start. It takes practice to get there but once you know how to structure an article, things become a lot easier.
The research for information that is needed to write an article is not included in the 7 minutes time span. You should have gathered already interesting and useful information related to your topic. Once you've done your research, it's time to write the article.
The structure of an article is pretty simple: introduction, 3 main points, conclusion. Here is a very short written version of the article writing formula:
1. Introduction paragraph
a. Attention grabbing opener (If, then is always effective). Example: "If you want to learn how to make money online then you should read this post carefully."
b. Overview of 3 main points you'll be covering.
c. Tell them what are they going to accomplish by reading the article. This is your hook - you're making sure they remain interested by telling them how are they going to benefit from reading your article.
2. The 3 main points A, B and C. For each main point you'll write the following:
a. General statement about main point
b. Specific statement about main point
c. Sub-point #1 that backs up specific statement
d. sub-point #2 that backs up specific statement
e. Transition to the next main point paragraph
3. Conclusion paragraph
a. General statement
b. Re-iterate the main points
c. Tell the reader what they can now do with the information. Example: "Now you have the wisdom and the power to write good articles pretty fast and build a great online reputation that will help you make more money for years to come."
d. Resource box: let the readers know about you and the benefits they'll get if they visit your site.
That's it. I hope you learned something of value by reading this post and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on it as well.
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