In order to get the most attention to any of your blog posts, you need to realise that your headline is what is going to pull them in. Your headline needs to tell your readers what they can expect if they read your article and there should also be a benefit to them having read your content. This will ensure that they will keep coming back to your blog looking for further valuable information.
Some of the best headlines that generally tend to do very well are "How To" People want to know how to do things, how to solve their problems and if you are able to provide an answer then you are certain to get readers.
Other great headline ideas are those that contain numbers. For instance "7 steps to online success", which tells the reader instantly what the article they about to read is all about, and the number in the title suggests that the process is not too difficult and is therefore manageable.
It really is essential that you do focus on your headline before you even start your writing, because your headline really has got to work hard for you.
We all very much know that content is king when it comes to SEO, and as well as providing content that is useful it really does allow you to inject your own personality and style. This makes you come alive, for your blog to come alive and over time you will be seen as an authority figure in your industry.
You should consider the formatting of your blog. Do not have large blocks of text together as this makes it literally impossible for anyone to read. Break your text into paragraphs that contain no more than 4 to 5 lines.
Also when starting a new paragraph, and if it is appropriate, start with a new subheading and put this in bold type or just have white space. Do not be afraid of white space, it is there to make your blog content more readable and enjoyable.
When it comes to the font styles that you use, please keep them simple and do not do anything that would be considered to be fancy. Remember your aim is to get people reading your blog and to keep them coming back for more.
So you have written a great headline and some amazing content to match. One of the most important factors any blog reader will want to do is to leave comments. This helps to build your credibility and you should be prepared to make the time to reply to those comments. This is your perfect opportunity to start building relationships, develop leads and potentially obtain more business.
Finally, make sure you have those social media buttons on your blog. Give your readers every opportunity to tweet about you, like you and share your content with their own followers. Social media really does allow you to become an authority in a very short period of time and you will also build back-links naturally therefore helping your search engine ranking.
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