One of the Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

If you are looking for a way to make some extra income, one of the simplest methods for making money online is blogging. This article will not focus on the technical aspects of blogging but will focus on the mindset and focus that is required to get you started.
Below are some tips that will support you in making money with your blogging efforts -
Make a list of what you are passionate about - Do not filter this list. Put all of your passions down on paper and make sure not to censor yourself. The beauty of the Internet is that for every topic, there is at least a small group who are rabidly interested in that topic. That audience would be valuable enough to support a fulltime income.
Determine if there is market for your topic - Step 1 is more important. It is important that you have a passion for what you are writing about. However, you want to know why others in your market, are interested in the topic and what questions that they want to get answered. You will want to focus on pain points if you are interested in monetizing your blog. People will pay a lot more to take away their pain as opposed to earning more money.
Just get started - There will never be a perfect to get started and, similar to with having a baby, many first timers will wait for all of the stars to align before they are even willing to get started. Just get started from where you are and know that you will probably not be very good, especially in the beginning. That is OK. As long as you are committed to making a difference for others and committed to getting better with your activities, you will find yourself in a place where you are getting better and better.
Find mentors - An easy way to find mentors is to read other's blogs. Model yourself after somebody who is providing information that you believe is valuable. You do not want to flat out copy those people but there is no harm in modeling yourself after that person. Eventually, you will want to find your own voice and you will find your own voice if you continue to go. However, in the beginning, you may find that you are very similar to somebody else. Again, that is OK unless you are flat-out stealing from that person.
Give it at least 90 days - Do not expect to see results overnight. It is almost impossible that this will occur. Just put your head down for at least 90 days and you will find that you are in a much better place than if you focus on producing results from Day 1. Keep your eye on the ball and on your end goal but exercise patience in your activity and you will wind up in a much better place in the future.
Follow the steps above and you will be in the proper mindset for making money online through blogging. Not only do these tips work for blogging, but they work for any new business or other venture.
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