Making Your Own Money From Blogging

Now that millions of individuals worldwide are making money from blogging, people everywhere are interested in learning how to start a blog. If you have an interest in earning extra cash and enjoy sharing your opinions with others, it may be in your best interest to learn how to create a blog. A blog is a website that lists the entries that is submitted to it in a reverse type of chronological order.
The word "Blog" is derived from the word "Weblog". Originally, this type of website was designed to be a type of journal and/or diary that individuals could use to share their personal thoughts, opinions and ideas on a daily basis. In today's world, it is that and much, much more. In this guide, you will learn some simple steps on how to achieve success by making money from blogging.
The first step to starting a blog so that you may make money is to find a service that will permit you to create a free blog. You should understand that the features associated with free blog services are typically quite limited, but effective enough to do what you need them to do.
Examples of free blogging platforms include,, and You may even blog on popular social media platforms like Facebook by using the "Notes" feature available on your account. As time progresses, you will find that you make a suitable additional income by blogging for cash on these websites. However, on down the road, you may want to consider self-hosting the blog in order to make a lot more cash from your efforts.
Once you have selected your niche and the blogging platform that you will use, you must develop a group of titles that you will use to create your first blog posts. You should also develop some cash generating ideas on how to make your blogs profitable. Today's bloggers utilize the Google AdSense program, Chitika, CPM ad networks and even affiliate programs to generate money from the blogs that they create.
Then, there are many that create digital products such as newsletters, guides and even Kindle eBooks to generate money from their blogging efforts. In addition to this, numerous bloggers engage in direct ad sales that permit them to earn additional cash. You may even elect to create and sell blogs that other bloggers may use on their selected platforms to generate an additional income.
There are many creative ways to generate a lucrative income by blogging. This is not considered to be a get rich scheme. As a matter of fact, most bloggers never truly "get rich". However, it is possible to create an income that is suitable enough to handle your monthly expenses or even enough money to do extras - like purchase big ticket items or go on a dream vacation.
It all depends on the amount of work and time that you dedicate to the endeavor. Blogging is a very realistic means of obtaining additional cash. By using the strategies outlined in this guide, you will soon discover the freedom and flexibility of making money from blogging.
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SEO Blogging Tips

I've talked before about how Google loves blogs and how WordPress helps you rank. The reason for this is because Google loves fresh, regularly updated and relevant content, and that is what blogging is about all over. Just using WordPress on your site obviously isn't going to guarantee you anything, so every time you make a new post keep these 5 SEO blogging tips in mind.
Keyword Research/Usage
It all starts here. Make sure that you're targeting the right keywords in your posts and use them in the correct way. This means putting your keyword in your title, sprinkled throughout the article with the optimal keyword density, and in your images which brings us to my next SEO blogging tip.
Remember to fill your post full of not just text but images, as well. Google likes this, your readers like this, and this gives you a chance to rank in the SERPs for your images, as well, assuming you remember to use your keywords as the alt and title tags.
On a related note, Google loves video, as well, so adding a video to your post can help you rank, as well.
Internal Linking
Whenever you get the chance, it's important that you create internal links to other relevant posts and content on your site within your new posts. You'll notice I'm doing a lot of that in this post. Internal linking spread the juice out to other posts to help them rank better in the SERPs for their keywords, plus it keeps people on your site longer.
Permalink Structure
This refers to how your URLs are designed whenever you create a new post/page. I use a specific permalink structure to ensure that it's optimized for SEO and has the best chance for ranking well.
The last of these SEO blogging tips doesn't have to do with the content itself but rather with the schedule which you add new content to your site. Maintain some kind of consistency with your posts to show that your site is updated regularly. This doesn't mean that you have to add a new post or page every day. If you can only manage one new post a week, stick with that schedule. It's a turn off to both search engines and your regular readers to see inconsistent post updates, so find something you can do and stick with it.
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Get Your Blog on the Right Track

Blogging has become a popular way to promote a business, share knowledge on a particular topic or simply express oneself. Nowadays bloggers also use their blogs to earn some extra cash by publishing unique content and displaying targeted ads. Whatever the purpose of your blog is, in order to make it successful on the internet you will have to put some extra effort than just adding posts to it every now and again.
Getting your blog on the right track is important if you want to be ahead of your competitors in the online world. Consistent and useful information is what keeps a blog up-to-date and according to the current trends. Building your network with other bloggers who share your expertise is also essential for the success of a blog. When you post unique articles on your blog on a regular basis, your page views and visitor count increase with the passage of time. This is a good measure of whether you are on the right track or not.
Search engine optimization helps to improve the ranking of your blog in search engine results. If your blog revolves around a particular niche, make sure you publish keyword-rich articles regularly to rank high in Google and other search engines for specific keywords related to your niche. If the number of visitors to your blog is not increasing, it's time to point out the shortcomings. To improve your blog, you can check out what your competitors are doing and what tools and technologies you have at your disposal.
Always keep in mind the focus or purpose of your blog to keep it on the right track. Sometimes there is a need to identify a sub-niche if the topic you have thought of is too generalized. Length and structure of posts is also important, which is often overlooked by novice bloggers. If your blog is not producing the desired results, you may need to revise your strategy. This needs an evaluation of the inbound links your blog has and how to increase this number, among other things. Writing guest posts for other blogs related to your niche is the best way to achieve this.
If your blog is not on the right track you may not be able to achieve your goals. It is therefore important to decide if you need to end your current blog and start a completely new one or change the theme of your existing blog and add more interesting posts to improve it and accomplish the purpose you have in mind.
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Make Money At Home: Ways to Make Money Online

Today, in this age of internet facilities, many things can be done while sitting at home. In fact, you can even make money at home. The choice to make money online is quite wise and there are various opportunities which could aid you in that.
What is intriguing is that there are hordes of people falling for this concept. It is time-flexible as also no such stress of meeting deadlines. One of the most popular options is blogging. All you need is a computer/laptop and an internet connection. Imagine being paid to write your own thoughts! Yes, a lot of people earn from blogging. It can be self or a tie-up with some enterprise.
You would have to write on that and will be paid on basis of per click-i.e. the number of readers who have clicked on your link. Next, there are the umpteen sites where you can sell your stuff or perform the concept of buying and selling-eBay, Amazon etc. You can sell books, any other unique artifacts. There are people who look for buying used stuff; hence you can even sell it on a personal basis-that is, not have to register on any site.
There is the Shares' option. If you are well versed with in finances and understand its nuances quite well, then you can surely dabble in shares. It is also called online trading. The only condition is that you should understand the finance concept and the timing.
Then, there is the freelance concept. Yes, it could be for writing, photography, reviewing and many more such arenas. You are usually paid for them after it is accepted/sold. Here, you are not exclusively bound to any company and can very well take up more than an assignment. it is quite a cool option where you are paid for your talent. Even print journalism comes under this-where your articles are published in newspapers etc.
Make Money Online: Make Money At Home
A unique channel is the Astro Reading. If astrology is your forte, then you can open up your own website or blog and start doling out predictions! You would be amazed at the response you would be receiving.
Next, there is self-publication. That is, you can publish your own book. Right from its inception-writing, editing everything will be done by you or you can relate to other such publication houses via e-mail for their inputs and within sometime, you can publish your own book online and even make a decent profit out of it. There are many such websites which readily host such concepts.
There are also the Consultation services solutions. If you possess considerable knowledge and experience related to any specific sector, then you can very well start your own consultation-at-home business. Yes, there are people out there who pay a considerable amount for obtaining solutions-be it technical, financial etc for their ventures.
Thus, to make money online is quite simple. Another quirky way is to sell your own designed apparels. If you are inclined creatively, then you sell your designs to a store (who would then adopt) or even sell clothes from home. Hence, surely you can make money at home.
Chris Donne - From working in the corparate world,having virtually no computer skills, to a highly successful Internet entrepreneur. Chris discovered the "SECRET TO SUCCESS" in making money online. By teaching others his exact strategies and techniques, many of his students have become top income producers themselves and have been amazed at how POWERFUL and "automated" these marketing methods can be. To make money online with a legitimate and sustainable online business you need leads, you to put constantly put yourself in front of people who are interested in what you have
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