Writing Effective Blog Articles

This article has the title of 'Home Business Income, Writing Effective Blog Articles' because Blog posting is one of the most important things to learn in order to attract visitors to your site via the search engines. Your blog needs to contain fresh and interesting content for it to rank highly and also to keep visitors on your site and not leave after the first sentence.
Firstly you need to decide which niche market you are aiming for then think of two or three high traffic phrases that best describe your home page. The nest step is most important, go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to type one of those phrases in the search box. In the column down the left side tick the 'exact' box and untick the 'broad' search box, this will give you more accurate results. You will now be taken to a results page showing you dozens if not hundreds of useful phrases related to your search term. Click on save and choose the.csv option from a drop down menu which will save all these phrases to your PC hard drive for access anytime you like.
Some of these phrases may consist of four or five words known as long tail keywords. Pick a phrase with a global monthly search of say 300 or less with low or medium competition, it is better to rank highly for a phrase with a monthly search of even 100 than to try for a very high number search term with lots of competition which will probably result in no visits to your site so zero traffic. When you have decided which keyword phrase to use from your results you are now ready to write your article.
If you are new to Internet Marketing for Home Business Income, writing effective blog articles means following some basic rules each time. The article should contain around 400 words, make sure that every article uses a different keyword phrase, this is very important for maximising your Internet presence. Place your keyword phrase in the title of your article and two or three times in the main body, maybe once in the first sentence, once at the end and somewhere around the middle. Make one of the references stand out in bold, underlined or in italics etc. It is a good idea to write your article in Word first so you can easily spell and grammar check it until you are happy then paste the article into something like Notepad and then copy and paste the whole article into your website, there will less problems with html this way. If you have a WordPress blog the next step is made a lot easier. Go to your admin page and select Posts > Add New and choose the HTML tab if is not already selected, then paste in your article.
At this stage you can chose the VISUAL tab option and ad a link or two to another site, a blog post somewhere else or even to another post or page on your own site. You can link to an affiliate opportunity that you are promoting as long as it is in the same niche. Make sure the link opens in a new window but don't send your visitors off to a site that has nothing to do with your niche, this will not go down well. You also need to give your article a category and a Tag which can be one of your primary keywords from the beginning. If you have the 'All In One SEO' plug in installed then this will display as another section at the bottom of the page where you add the Title again including your keyword, paste the first two sentences from your post in the description box and enter your keyword/s in the space provided at the bottom.
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Blogging Your Way to Internet Riches

In this economy, people are constantly searching for ways to supplement their regular income. This includes getting a second or even a third job to do just this. The internet is one such opportunity where one can earn a stable income, if you know how. There are certainly many ways to earn money online. One such way is through blogging.
Contrary to popular beliefs, having a blog can certainly earn you money online. This is can be done by having advertisements on your blog. This could be in the form of having text or even banner advertisements from Google appearing on your blog. This strategy is known as "Pay Per Click" or PPC in short. Google will share its revenue with you when someone clicks on the advertisement on your blog. If the topic of your blog is from a competitive niche, you could even earn $30 per click.
The other way to earn money on blog is to promote an affiliate campaign. Affiliate marketing is slightly from "Pay Per Click" in that it requires the person who clicks on the advertisement to buy a product. When this happens, you will be paid a commission or fee. Depending on the affiliate program you join, this commission could be a percentage of the price paid for the product.
If the product you are promoting has several "One Time Offer" (or commonly known OTO) after the initial purchase, this commission could certainly stake up.
There are many affiliate programs that you can join to make money from your blog. One such program is ClickBank. The products on ClickBank are normally information products such as eBooks, home study courses or even software.
The other interesting affiliate program that you can join is Amazon Associates. While many of us think that Amazon is all about books, we cannot be more wrong. We can certainly find lots of interesting products within Amazon. This includes clothes, home furnishing and others. You can even find spare part for cars being sold in Amazon.
In terms of rewards, ClickBank would pay as much as 75% of the purchase price as commission. Amazon Associates on the other hand, would pay from 4% upwards for your effort.
If your blog is an authority in this subject matter, you could even sell advertisement space. It is not uncommon for large corporates to pay as much as four thousand dollars per month as advertisement fees.
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Using Facebook For Blog Traffic

Blogging is something that I enjoy a lot. Many people are using it to make full time incomes, and some people have even achieved national press and TV shows because of their blogs. If you want to promote something or want to build a following online, a blog is a great way to do so.
There are many ways to get traffic to your blog, but I will get to that in a moment. The first thing you need to know is whether or not you have a plan of how to convert that traffic into sales. So how will your blog be set up? Will you put Google AdSense ads on your site along with affiliate program products, or will you be selling your own products?
If you sell your own products, you earn 100% profits from it (if you created it of course or are selling ebooks). If you're going to create your own products, make sure you have a selling system in place so that you can convert a ton of leads and prospects into recurring customers.
You have 2 primary blog hosting services: Blogger and WordPress. I personally like Blogger better, but a lot of people online love WordPress. WordPress offers unique features, and there are things called "plug-ins" that can really "jazz up" your blog and make it reputable.
So now that I have gone over why you should be blogging and how to get set up, let's take a look at how you can get traffic to your blog. This is something that is incredibly easy to do, and driving traffic is something that you should learn how to become a master of. Here's how you can get more traffic to your blog:
- Use Facebook
Facebook as of this writing is the number 1 website on the internet in terms of website traffic. Number 1 used to be Google. I'm not sure how long Facebook will hold on to its title, but if you're not using it in your business today, you're missing out on a boatload of traffic.
People use Facebook all the time to promote their business - and you can also. For some reason, I get a lot of "friend requests" to my personal Facebook page from internet marketers. I'm fine with that... I still collaborate with them in the same way I do with my Facebook fan page.
Invite more and more people to "like you" and join you on your Facebook page. You can upload videos, content, images, and other things also that will help people to gain an understanding of you, and grow closer to you as a business owner - and friend. Facebook has other benefits too.
With Facebook on your team, promoting your blog should be as simple as pie. It's quite easy to market on Facebook, and it's something that you should be doing right now in your internet business if you want to see the sales and profits that you so desperately desire. Take it from me, a well done Facebook page can do wonders for your business.
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One of the Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

If you are looking for a way to make some extra income, one of the simplest methods for making money online is blogging. This article will not focus on the technical aspects of blogging but will focus on the mindset and focus that is required to get you started.
Below are some tips that will support you in making money with your blogging efforts -
Make a list of what you are passionate about - Do not filter this list. Put all of your passions down on paper and make sure not to censor yourself. The beauty of the Internet is that for every topic, there is at least a small group who are rabidly interested in that topic. That audience would be valuable enough to support a fulltime income.
Determine if there is market for your topic - Step 1 is more important. It is important that you have a passion for what you are writing about. However, you want to know why others in your market, are interested in the topic and what questions that they want to get answered. You will want to focus on pain points if you are interested in monetizing your blog. People will pay a lot more to take away their pain as opposed to earning more money.
Just get started - There will never be a perfect to get started and, similar to with having a baby, many first timers will wait for all of the stars to align before they are even willing to get started. Just get started from where you are and know that you will probably not be very good, especially in the beginning. That is OK. As long as you are committed to making a difference for others and committed to getting better with your activities, you will find yourself in a place where you are getting better and better.
Find mentors - An easy way to find mentors is to read other's blogs. Model yourself after somebody who is providing information that you believe is valuable. You do not want to flat out copy those people but there is no harm in modeling yourself after that person. Eventually, you will want to find your own voice and you will find your own voice if you continue to go. However, in the beginning, you may find that you are very similar to somebody else. Again, that is OK unless you are flat-out stealing from that person.
Give it at least 90 days - Do not expect to see results overnight. It is almost impossible that this will occur. Just put your head down for at least 90 days and you will find that you are in a much better place than if you focus on producing results from Day 1. Keep your eye on the ball and on your end goal but exercise patience in your activity and you will wind up in a much better place in the future.
Follow the steps above and you will be in the proper mindset for making money online through blogging. Not only do these tips work for blogging, but they work for any new business or other venture.
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How to Start a Blog Today

The world of blogging provides numerous opportunities for bloggers to express themselves, share information and even make money. Starting a blog can be fun and rewarding if you get the basics right.
Blogs have several advantages over the traditional websites, the major one being the ease of interaction. The following steps will show you how to start a blog:
1) Determine the topic: Your blog should be based on a subject that you are passionate about. Whether it is your career field or a hobby, ensure that you have enough content to keep posting on regular basis.
The topic can be on anything including music, movies, food, politics, cars environment and so on. In most cases, blog topic ideas are not instant. They come from something that you have been following and researching on for some time and that you have now decided to share with the world.
2) Create a relevant name: Choose the blogging software of your choice and create a blog. The blog name/URL should be closely related to the topic. Think of the words or phrases that are likely to be used on the search engines so that you can make it easy for visitors to find you.
The name should also be easy to remember. The system will notify you if your first choice is already taken, and you can select a different combination from the options provided. Once you find your unique name, it becomes the identity of your blog.
Stick with it consistently so that your followers can always find you. If you change it you have to popularize the blog afresh. Take advantage of the customization options such as the themes to attain the perfect look.
3) Post informative content: The quality of your content will attract readers and earn you consistent followers. In the initial blogging days, you are likely to have a lot of material to post often. However, as the days go by, you will find yourself running out of meaningful content to update.
Here you need to start researching and also be innovative. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles make great posts as they enhance your ranking as well. The keywords should be chosen carefully bearing in mind the words or phrases that visitors are likely to use.
4) Market your blog: advertising is essential in learning how to start a blog. Even with the right content, you have to find ways of attracting and retaining readers.
Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools. Find relevant pages on sites like Twitter and Facebook and post your links. You can visit other blogs and websites on related topics and leave links to your blog. Your network will extend steadily with time, and with quality content you can be assured that the readers will keep coming back.
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Get Better Clients Today

If you're a professional writer, your income depends on your clients. The more your clients can afford to pay you, the more money you'll make. This is self-evident, however few writers put their focus where it should be -- on getting better clients.
Let's look at four simple steps which will help.
1. Go Where the Money Is: Clients Must Be Profitable
Are you targeting hairdressers, restaurant owners, and other very small businesses? Many writers do this, and it's a huge mistake. These clients can't afford to pay you well. Indeed, most can't afford to hire you.
Look for companies which have over ten employees. Ideally, your clients should have over hundred employees. The bigger the company, the more they can afford to pay you.
2. Introduce Yourself: Don't Be Shy
The more people who know you, the better your chances of getting hired. Many writers are shy. Be brave, and remember that you're providing a valuable service. You're helping the companies, and the publications, which hire you to communicate. You're helping them to make money.
If you're not getting the quality clients you want, spend a little time every day introducing yourself to prospects. Start with local companies; you won't have as much competition.
You can introduce yourself via letter, email, or on the phone. Busy professional writers do this consistently; it's how they build large client lists and make six-figure incomes.
You'll be amazed at how many clients you get just from sending out letters introducing yourself.
3. Encourage Others to Introduce You (Get Referrals)
These days, you have more networking opportunities than at any time in history. However few writers make the best use of these opportunities, by networking initially with the people who know them best.
Twitter, Facebook and all the rest are fine, but before you go there, let all your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family know that you're looking for gigs. Ask them to refer you to their business colleagues.
Everyone knows someone. Until you ask for referrals however, they have no way of knowing that you're looking for clients. Tell everyone that you're trying to build your business. Be bold: pick up the phone.
Remember to follow up on your requests.
4. Get Visible: Your Blog Is Your Megaphone and Show Case
If you don't have a blog, start one today. You're a writer, therefore, anyone who hires you wants to know that you can actually write.
Look on all the writing you do on your blog and elsewhere, as a writing sample, because it is. The more visible you are, the more clients you'll get.
Professional writers focus their focus on getting great clients. You can do the same. Start today.
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Write An Article In 7 Minutes

If you want to learn how to crank up articles pretty fast and easy then continue reading. I have learned this method from a fellow internet marketer named Cory Friedman.
This article writing formula is designed to help you overcome writer's block. Such style of writing isn't perfect but it will make you take action and get the job done. Write at your own pace. Knowing how to structure your article is what helps and matters the most.
The idea is to stop procrastinating and take action. This method has been proven to work very well for those who have used it. Some will complain, others will take action.
To be honest, most of you won't be able to write an article so quickly from the start. It takes practice to get there but once you know how to structure an article, things become a lot easier.
The research for information that is needed to write an article is not included in the 7 minutes time span. You should have gathered already interesting and useful information related to your topic. Once you've done your research, it's time to write the article.
The structure of an article is pretty simple: introduction, 3 main points, conclusion. Here is a very short written version of the article writing formula:
1. Introduction paragraph
a. Attention grabbing opener (If, then is always effective). Example: "If you want to learn how to make money online then you should read this post carefully."
b. Overview of 3 main points you'll be covering.
c. Tell them what are they going to accomplish by reading the article. This is your hook - you're making sure they remain interested by telling them how are they going to benefit from reading your article.
2. The 3 main points A, B and C. For each main point you'll write the following:
a. General statement about main point
b. Specific statement about main point
c. Sub-point #1 that backs up specific statement
d. sub-point #2 that backs up specific statement
e. Transition to the next main point paragraph
3. Conclusion paragraph
a. General statement
b. Re-iterate the main points
c. Tell the reader what they can now do with the information. Example: "Now you have the wisdom and the power to write good articles pretty fast and build a great online reputation that will help you make more money for years to come."
d. Resource box: let the readers know about you and the benefits they'll get if they visit your site.
That's it. I hope you learned something of value by reading this post and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on it as well.
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The Benefits of Writing Online Content Consistently

As a business owner, you have made a commitment to not only posting content but doing on a consistent and regular basis. Quality is critical but quantity is not to be forgotten. As the writer, that can be very beneficial.
Blogging is a wonderful and extremely effective method for getting your content noticed, which will enable you to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. It is clear that if you post valuable content, your readers will benefit from it. However, what you may not realize is how many benefits you, as the writer, may also get from the content that you post. The more content you share, the more influence you will gain with other people. You are boosting your professional reputation and you are increasing your exposure, which is essential for your business's success. If you aren't sure about whether you are gaining influence among your peers and colleagues, there are some analytics tools that can help you to determine this. Klout is one such example. Klout is an assessment tool that measures your online influence. Google Analytics is another excellent tool that will supply you with all sorts of valuable information.
The value of consistently fresh content
There is a tremendous amount of value in providing consistently fresh content. Your online popularity will increase tremendously as people start to read what you are sharing. The online portion of your business is very much a word-of-mouth business. If people like what they read, they will share it with their friends, who will share it with their friends, etc. If you want to remain at the top of your game and be the first person whom others think of when they need the type of products and/or services that you are offering, you need to offer valuable information on a very regular basis. People will definitely respond to you if you are consistent and you make sure to let them know that you have the ability to solve their problems. You should always keep in mind the marketing principle WIIFM (What's In It For Me). No matter how wonderful you and your business might be, the person on the other end doesn't care about that. All he or she cares about is whether you are able to solve the problems that they are experiencing.
As much as it may be a daunting idea to come up with good-quality content on such a frequent basis, it is far from impossible. There are several tricks that you can use to make it easier for you.
Always have pen and paper with you
Ideas will fly in and out of your head faster than you think and inspiration can be found in so many different places and by so many different people. The only way that you won't lose the ideas is if you write them down immediately after you think of them. It doesn't really matter how you record the ideas, as long as you record them. If you prefer to record it in a mobile device, that will work well also.
The quality of your writing
Undoubtedly, you have tremendous writing skills. With that said, you may still see that some of your content is better than other content. It may not even be a matter of having an off day. Creativity comes at you as it will, not as you want it to, necessarily. Some of your blog posts will be excellent and some will be incredible. No matter what, all of your writing will be greatly appreciated by your readers.
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Best SEO Plugins You Can Use for WordPress

WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform used by a lot of website owners. It boasts of useful features that makes maintaining websites easy and enjoyable. Another great thing about WordPress is that it has lots of plugins that you can use for search engine optimization. Plugins are heaven-sent for non-techies who are not into hardcore programming and website development. There are lots of plugins available so it's best to choose the ones that can be beneficial for your website.
Headspace 2
This plugin is used for creating meta titles and descriptions, analytics, and customizing archives, to name a few. It is a great tool for optimizing specific pages of your website. It can be tricky to use at first but it's easy once you get used to it.
WP SEO By Yoast
This plugin is loaded with features that will surely delight any website owner. Its functions include snippets, page analysis, breadcrumbs, social integration, RSS optimization, webmaster tools verification, and xml site mapping. You will find its snippet preview function very useful because it allows you to have an idea of how your page or post will appear in search results. The plugin also has allows page analysis in which you can check the length of your posts, if your descriptions are complete, and many more. And the best thing about it? It's free. Some website owners do not find it necessary to install other plugins if they already have WP SEO By Yoast.
All-In-One SEO Pack
Also known as AIO, this plugin is one of the most popular due to its simplicity and functionality. This is a great tool for beginners who know little about tweaking websites. If you are an advanced user, you can customize using this plugin.
Of course, there's always the standard plugins that will work wonders for your website. These include:
Google XML Sitemap
This is the type of plugin that you just install one time and let it do its work on its own. It is designed to make and submit sitemaps, which allows the search engines to efficiently get more information from your website. You can use this for all types of pages generated by WordPress.
Google Site Verification
If you need to verify your website on the webmaster tools used by Google, this is the plugin for you. If you use this, you don't have to think about other means of verification. All you need to do is install and access it through your Google account.
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Benefits of Business Blogging

Here are some of the few benefits of blogging:
SEO: Consistent blogging allows your website to be ranked high on the search engines. Search engines such as Google are looking for solutions for the vast number of people visiting their site daily for answers. Your blog is seen as a solution provider for Google. So this means that you are actually helping Google. Google then rewards you by ranking your site higher. Not only would it help your site to be ranked higher, you will be easily found online.
Relationship building: Your audience are hungry for information. By blogging and giving valuable content you are then solving their problems. As they read your blog every time they feel that they know you. Even if they do not read your blog all the time they do know you have solutions. They can easily recommend their friends and family members to you. As you keep blogging consistently and you are being found online, you will find yourself building great relationships with other bloggers within your industry. This can lead to great joint venture partnerships. Not only will you be blogging but by being consistent has a great benefit of increasing sales within your business.
Expertise: Blogging establishes you as an expert overnight. Whichever profession you are in to by having a blog and consistently blogging, you will be seen as someone who understands their industry. This is not because you know better or have better information than anyone but you have made a decision to invest time and energy into blogging. Blogs does open doors. Some of the doors can be being a guest blogger on someone's blog who has a large audience. When the audience read your blog and like it they will start following your activities and eventually will become your customers.
Blogging pushes you to do quite a lot of research. This means you will get to know some information within your industry which you would not know if you decided not to blog. This is how your expertise is established within your industry.
What to do next.
Blogging consistently can be a difficult task. It requires some investment from you and also making up your mind by blogging no matter what comes your way.
You have now discovered some of the few benefits of blogging, if you are currently having some difficulties blogging consistently, the solution is to set up a plan of action and stick to it.
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