Get Better Clients Today

If you're a professional writer, your income depends on your clients. The more your clients can afford to pay you, the more money you'll make. This is self-evident, however few writers put their focus where it should be -- on getting better clients.
Let's look at four simple steps which will help.
1. Go Where the Money Is: Clients Must Be Profitable
Are you targeting hairdressers, restaurant owners, and other very small businesses? Many writers do this, and it's a huge mistake. These clients can't afford to pay you well. Indeed, most can't afford to hire you.
Look for companies which have over ten employees. Ideally, your clients should have over hundred employees. The bigger the company, the more they can afford to pay you.
2. Introduce Yourself: Don't Be Shy
The more people who know you, the better your chances of getting hired. Many writers are shy. Be brave, and remember that you're providing a valuable service. You're helping the companies, and the publications, which hire you to communicate. You're helping them to make money.
If you're not getting the quality clients you want, spend a little time every day introducing yourself to prospects. Start with local companies; you won't have as much competition.
You can introduce yourself via letter, email, or on the phone. Busy professional writers do this consistently; it's how they build large client lists and make six-figure incomes.
You'll be amazed at how many clients you get just from sending out letters introducing yourself.
3. Encourage Others to Introduce You (Get Referrals)
These days, you have more networking opportunities than at any time in history. However few writers make the best use of these opportunities, by networking initially with the people who know them best.
Twitter, Facebook and all the rest are fine, but before you go there, let all your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family know that you're looking for gigs. Ask them to refer you to their business colleagues.
Everyone knows someone. Until you ask for referrals however, they have no way of knowing that you're looking for clients. Tell everyone that you're trying to build your business. Be bold: pick up the phone.
Remember to follow up on your requests.
4. Get Visible: Your Blog Is Your Megaphone and Show Case
If you don't have a blog, start one today. You're a writer, therefore, anyone who hires you wants to know that you can actually write.
Look on all the writing you do on your blog and elsewhere, as a writing sample, because it is. The more visible you are, the more clients you'll get.
Professional writers focus their focus on getting great clients. You can do the same. Start today.
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